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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

44 SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 FIRST-RATE INVESTOR RELATIONS ACTIVITIES RECOGNIZED Software AG’s capital market communications were rewarded in the last fiscal year as in the past. The Company again ranked first in the TecDAX category of the Thomson Extel Investor Rela- tions Award. Thomson Extel surveys fund managers and analysts from around the world and assesses corporate communications and the performance of individual employees within investor relations departments. Here, too, Software AG succeeded in achieving first place. Software AG’s website was rated best in the TecDAX by NetFederation in the year under review. In addition, the U.S. organization IR Global Rankings conducted a global analysis of companies’ investor relations websites, in which Software AG secured itself an impressive third place in the technology sector. Additionally, Software AG’s Investor Relations team commissions an external company to survey analysts and institutional shareholders using a specific list of questions on an annual basis. The aim is to directly apply the findings to the implementation of measures that will maintain and improve the high quality of the Company’s investor relations. In the most recent study conducted in September 2012, Investor Relations succeeded in further improving its 2011 rating of 2.28 with a new rating of 1.99 (on a scale ranging from one to six). We foster close relations with our private investors first and foremost by means of the avail- ability of in-depth information on our website, but through phone calls and emails as well, if requested. We also like to use our Annual Shareholders’ Meeting as a means of communication and as a way of gaging shareholder sentiment. In addition to events such as analyst and investor conferences and the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, other important sources of information for interested capital market participants are teleconferences and the Internet. INTENSIVE INVESTOR RELATIONS CONTINUE In an effort to further enhance the Company’s profile as an attractive investment, Software AG’s investor relations activities continued to focus on optimizing how the Company addressed (potential) investors.