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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

59 VORSTANDSBRIEF Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Shareholders, IN FISCAL YEAR 2012 SOFTWARE AG CONTINUED TO FOCUS ON BUSINESS PROCESS EXCELLENCE (BPE) ACTIVITIES AND UNDERTOOK A STRATEGIC RE-ALIGNMENT OF THE COMPANY. The latter is of particular importance as it reflects the Company’s priority to grow in future- oriented technology markets (big data and cloud). This involved the expansion of the sales force and adjustments to the incentive system for members of the Management Board and employees in key positions. The Supervisory Board was closely involved with the Management Board’s and Group Executive Board’s definition of the strategy. We are positive that a consistent implementa- tion of the realignment will secure the Company’s future and increase its market value accordingly. COLLABORATION BETWEEN THE MANAGEMENT BOARD AND SUPERVISORY BOARD In fiscal year 2012 the Supervisory Board fulfilled all duties required of it by law and the Com- pany’s Articles of Incorporation. It advised the Management Board in running the Company and supervised its management. In doing so, the Supervisory Board was directly involved in all key decisions about Software AG. Via oral and written reports, the Management Board informed the Supervisory Board regularly, comprehensively and promptly about all important aspects of strategy, planning, business development, the risk situation and risk management, as well as REPORT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD 59