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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

61 VORSTANDSBRIEF THE FOLLOWING TABLE ILLUSTRATES THE ATTENDANCE OF THE MEMBERS AT SUPER- VISORY BOARD MEETINGS AND ITS COMMITTEES HELD IN 2012: Supervisory Board 2012 1/27 3/23 5/4 5/4 7/25 10/26 12/14 Bereczky x x x x x x x Berchtold x x x x x x x Gallner o x x x x x x Geidt x x x x x x x Hartenstein x x x x x x x Neumann x x x x x x x Requardt X o* o x o x x Schäferkordt X o* X x x o* x Schley x x X x x x x Sperber-Tertsunen x x X x x x x Wagner x x x x x x x Wulf x x x x x x x o*: Ballot cast in writing At the first meeting of the year on January 27, 2012 the Supervisory Board discussed the Man- agement Board’s remuneration system and defined goals for fiscal year 2012. Furthermore, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board presented the results of the efficiency audit, which was dis- cussed in depth. In addition, the Management Board’s responsibility assignments were updated. At the accounts meeting on March 23, 2012, in the presence of financial auditors, the 2011 financial statements and consolidated financial statements were discussed in depth and then approved by the Supervisory Board on the recommendation of the Audit Committee and fol- lowing its own thorough audit. At this meeting the Supervisory Board approved the report of the Supervisory Board for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and the proposals for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting agenda. The Supervisory Board approved an amendment to the existing control and profit transfer agreements between Software AG and a) SAG Deutschland GmbH, b) SAG Consulting GmbH and c) IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH. On the recommendation of the Strategy Committee, the Supervisory Board approved the acquisition of my-Channels (PCB Sys- tems Ltd.). With regard to Management Board issues, the Supervisory Board determined the Management Board members’ achieved variable remuneration for fiscal 2011 after the financial auditors’ verification of the accuracy of its calculations. Moreover, the Supervisory Board evalu- ated the list of transactions requiring approval as it is included in the Rules of Procedure of the Management Board. REPORT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD 61