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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 84 tradition of close ties to the financial sector and public sec- tor. Together they account for approximately 40 percent (2011: 43 percent) of our product revenue mix. We help banks, for instance, adhere to ever increasing regulatory requirements and to adapt their business models to current trends like online and mobile banking. In the public sector, we play a particularly important role in digitizing, and thus accelerating, work flows. In addition, some of our key cus- tomers are companies in the services and manufacturing sectors as well as associations. 2012 2011 Revenue split in % Revenue from consulting and services declined. Here the Company saw a decrease of €86.5 million from €419.8 mil- lion in 2011 to €333.3 million in 2012. This was a result of the consolidation of the IDSC business line in which service revenue was down 34.8 percent year on year at €107.0 mil- lion (2011: €164.2 million). ETS service revenue in the fiscal year under review fell only slightly to €64.8 million (2011: €67.3 million), whereas BPE service revenue slipped 14.2 percent to €161.5 million (2011: €188.3 million). This is due to the user-friendly nature of our new products, which therefore required less service support by our specialists Product revenue by industry Because our products and services serve multidisciplinary purposes, they are in demand by organizations in all indus- tries. We are therefore largely independent of economic fluctuations of individual business sectors. We have a long Associations 9% Services 8% Manufacturing 7% Telcos & Media 4% Logistics 3% Retail 3% Other 11% Financial Sector 21% Public Sector 20% IT 14% Associations 9% Manufacturing 6% Telcos & Media 6% Logistics 3% Retail 3% Other 16% Financial Sector 22% Public Sector 21% IT 14% Service revenue Product revenue (licenses + maintenance) 61 68 38 32 2012 2011 100 80 60 40 20 0