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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 92 • “Licenses” include primarily proceeds from royalties from the subsidiaries’ sale of licenses, ARIS licensing revenue and licensing revenue from third-party products. The increase in license revenue corresponds to the increase in Group license revenue. • “Maintenance” includes maintenance-related royalties from subsidiaries, ARIS maintenance revenue and main- tenance revenue from third-party products. The increase compared to 2011 reflects the increase in Group main- tenance revenue. • “Services” include management fees from the subsidiar- ies, services rendered by central support and cross- charged to national subsidiaries and cross-charged research and development costs. The rise resulted primarily from increased research and development costs that were cross-charged to individual national subsidiaries. • “Operating income and expenses” includes changes in inventories of finished goods and work in progress, other operating income and expenses, expenses for purchased goods and services, personnel expenses, and deprecia- tion, amortization and impairment on intangible and tangible fixed assets. The rise results from the balance of personnel costs which increased by €28.1 million, Software AG’s financial statements were prepared pursuant to the provisions of the German Commercial Code (HGB). Financial performance of Software AG The key items of the income statement are as follows: in € millions 2012 2011 Change in % Licenses 57.5 55.8 3.1 Maintenance 104.8 102.3 2.4 Services 98.6 93.1 5.9 Total revenue 260.9 251.2 3.9 Operating income and expenses -210.9 -203.7 3.5 Income from investments and profit transfer 82.6 113.7 -27.4 EBIT 132.6 161.2 -17.7 Net financial income/ expense -10.3 -15.2 32.2 Earnings before taxes 122.3 146.0 -16.2 Taxes -17.2 -38.0 54.7 Net income/loss for the year 105.1 108.0 -2.7 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF SOFTWARE AG (PARENT COMPANY)