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also consists of the balance of income and expenses from outperformance of the TecDAX as well as interest rate ­expenses relating to hedging transactions. The change in present value from pension commitments in 2012 and the present value of pension commitments as of December 31, 2012 are as follows: The following table illustrates the phantom shares issued and the expense attributable to the fair value at the time of award in the amount of €29.47 per phantom share in fiscal year 2012. This expense was decreased by €1,611 thousand in hedging income and is primarily included in long-term remuneration in the table above. This amount Performance phantom shares No. of options Expense from performance phantom shares in € Karl-Heinz Streibich (Chief Executive Officer) 55,205 1,592,801.97 Dr. Wolfram Jost 14,732 500,592.87 Arnd Zinnhardt 47,926 1,525,382.49 in € Change in present value (DBO) from pension commitments 2012 Present value of pension commitments Dec. 31, 2012 Karl-Heinz Streibich (Chief Executive Officer) 2,077,204.00 5,404,658.00 Dr. Wolfram Jost 216,806.00 590,724.00 Arnd Zinnhardt 752,332.00 1,747,961.00 Software AG | Annual Report 2013 118 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013