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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

In the long term, Software AG plans to: • Become the world’s leading provider of BPE products and solutions • Remain independent with the help of anchor investor, the Software AG Foundation • Seek acquisitions on a regular basis in order to combine organic and external growth To achieve these goals, we will concentrate on the oppor- tunities that the transformation to a Digital Enterprise offers us and our customers in the upcoming years through the interplay between the four megatrends: big data, cloud, mobile and social. These trends will be the critical engines of growth in the software sector. Software AG’s Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) platform—introduced at the end of 2013—offers customers a universal solution that enables them to manage dynamically multiplying data volumes from heterogeneous sources and recognize business-relevant events in real time. In addition to technological enhancements, we will also continue investing in sales and marketing as well as ex- panding global partner activities. Software AG recognized the transformational power and potential of technological megetrends early. The BPE product range therefore addresses the entire spectrum of these converging IT trends now. Numerous studies and awards from respected market analysts in 2013 confirmed that our product families are unique and leading the market. Our software and services provide the equipment that every organization needs to embrace the rapidly advancing digi- tization, regardless of industry and size. Software AG is ide- ally positioned to guide customers through the transforma- tion to a Digital Enterprise quickly and efficiently. Planned investments There are currently no concrete plans for major invest- ments. Software AG is however always prepared to take advantage of opportunities that arise for technology-driven acquisitions. Large-scale strategic takeovers could also take place given favorable conditions. At present there are no extraordinarily high investments planned for 2014. Anticipated liquidity Free cash flow is expected to perform congruently to net income in fiscal 2014. The resulting positive free cash flow and the existing liquid assets at the beginning of the year cover the planned repayment of financial liabilities due during the 2014 calendar year amounting to €202.5 million. General statement on the anticipated ­development of the Group Software AG considers itself to be very well positioned for a successful year 2014. The corporate strategy is aimed at sustainable profitable growth. We strive to continuously increase our enterprise value. Our long-term portfolio strat- egy is clearly focused on the consistent expansion of our BPE business, which is growing in terms of revenue and earnings. This segment has become our primary source of revenue in the past few years. We will continue investing in organic and acquisition-based growth in order to drive the expansion of our future-oriented BPE business. As a product provider, Software AG pursues the overall strat- egy of optimizing its revenue mix in favor of high-margin product revenue. License and maintenance revenue have great growth potential and fundamentally a significantly higher earnings capability than services. Software AG | Annual Report 2013 124 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013