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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Providing fictitious amounts for Group revenue and net ­income for the fiscal year calculated under the assumption that all corporate acquisitions in 2013 had taken place at the beginning of the year is not possible with the informa- tion available and due to the seasonality of the business. Providing revenues based on the assumption of a ­stand-alone assessment of the acquired companies is also impossible due to their immediate integration. In addition to the considerations for these acquisitions in the amount of €110,827 thousand (net), considerations not yet paid from previous acquisitions in the amount of €2,366 thousand were paid in fiscal 2013. The full amount of goodwill resulting from the purchase price allocations was assigned to the Business Process ­Excellence segment. The recognition of goodwill resulted from the fact that ­synergies and staff are not separable intangible assets ­within the meaning of IAS 38. With the exception of goodwill resulting from the acquisition of Apama in the amount of €18,388 thousand, the goodwill arising from these acquisi- tions is not tax deductible. The amount of Software AG Group revenue attributable to these acquisitions since the date of acquisition is approxi- mately €13.8 million. It is not possible to compute the exact amount of Group net income attributable to these acquisi- tions due to the rapid integration into the Group as a whole. Software AG | Annual Report 2013 150 Letter from the Management Board About Software AG Software AG ShareHighlights 2013