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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

NotestotheConsolidatedFinancialStatements [6] Other income Other income includes the following items: [7] Other expenses Other expenses consist of the following items: in € thousands 2013 2012 Foreign exchange gains 29,844 16,143 Income from the reversal of provisions and deferred liabilities 5,998 8,459 Government grants in the form of low-interest-rate loans 4,500 0 Income from the sale of SAP service operations in USA and Canada 3,075 0 Other income 659 0 44,076 24,602 in € thousands 2013 2012 Foreign exchange losses 35,017 19,705 Other expenses 494 1,668 35,511 21,373 Notes to the Consolidated Income Statement [5] Total revenue Revenue by segment and region is presented in the ­segment report in Note [28]. Services revenue Service revenue includes sales of €39,575 thousand (2012: €40,083 thousand), recognized in accordance with the per- centage-of-completion method. The status of uncompleted projects recognized under the percentage-of-completion method as of December 31, 2013 was as follows: As of December 31, 2013, the net amount due from ­customers for unfinished project work was €6,459 thousand (2012: €10,186 thousand), and the amount due to ­customers from running projects was €1,345 thousand (2012: €2,482 thousand). The net balance of a project consists of costs incurred, plus the gains reported less the total amount of reported losses and progress billings. in € thousands 2013 2012 Costs accumulated over the term of a (multi-year) project and not yet invoiced 96,764 87,179 Recognized profit (+)/loss (-) 2,552 5,904 Advance payments received 1,991 3,161 151 Corporate Governance Report of the Supervisory Board Group Management Report Consolidated Financial Statements Additional Information Notes General Notes to the Consolidated Income Statement Notes to the Consolidated Balance Sheet Other Disclosures Responsibility Statement Auditors’ Report