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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

[15] Other receivables and other assets Other receivables and other assets mainly consist of receiv- ables due from tax authorities in the amount of €3,705 thou- sand (2012: €6,371 thousand) and prepaid expenses in the amount of €9,734 thousand (2012: €8,873 thousand). [16] Income tax receivables Tax receivables in the amount of €13,002 thousand (2012: €24,728 thousand) consist primarily of receivables due to excessive advance payments made in relation to income taxes. Notes to the Consolidated Balance Sheet [13] Disposal group Software AG signed an agreement with itelligence AG, Biele- feld/Germany on January 8, 2013 to sell its SAP-related service activities in Canada and USA. The transfer took place on January 16, 2013. The transaction covered all Software AG services related to SAP products that were coordinated in Toronto for Canada and in Reston, Virginia for the U.S. The transaction resulted in earnings of approximately €3 mil- lion. All assets and liabilities were assigned to the Consulting segment. [14] Trade receivables The following trade receivables were not yet due or past due as of the reporting date: in € thousands Dec. 31, 2013 Dec. 31, 2012 Carrying amount 323,157 341,274 of which neither impaired nor past due as of the balance sheet date 285,539 285,079 of which past due in the following time bands as of the balance sheet date 1 to 3 months 21,433 41,854 4 to 6 months 8,660 10,446 7 to 12 months 3,682 3,243 > 12 months 3,843 652 Software AG | Annual Report 2013 154 Letter from the Management Board About Software AG Software AG ShareHighlights 2013