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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Dividends paid reported in the Statement of Cash Flows include dividend payments of €160 thousand (2012: €187 thousand) to minority shareholders of subsidiaries. Net payments for acquisitions in 2013 amounted to €113,193 thousand (2012: €17,963 thousand) and consist of €119,288 thousand (2012: €18,940 thousand) in consid- eration paid less €6,095 thousand (2012: €977 thousand) in cash and cash equivalents received. Software AG defines free cash flow as cash flow from ­operating activities less cash flow from investing activities, not including investments in securities or net cash outflows for acquisitions. Accordingly, free cash flow totaled €159,052 thousand (2012: €170,749 thousand). Other disclosures [27] Notes to the Statement of Cash Flows Cash funds amounting to €449,984 thousand (2012: €315,637 thousand) comprise both cash and cash equivalents. Cash funds includes cash and cash equivalents amounting to €7,314 thousand (2012: €8,720 thousand) which were held by the sales subsidiary in Venezuela. Due to current legal limitations relating to foreign currency transactions in Venezuela, Software AG has only limited access to these funds. Software AG | Annual Report 2013 174 Letter from the Management Board About Software AG Software AG ShareHighlights 2013