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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

As part of our Career4U talent management platform, not only do we take the diversity of personalities and skills into account, we foster and promote them specifically. Recruiting new talent from within our own ranks is an important in- centive for our employees. But we want to be even better. To this end, we regularly conduct global surveys to deter- mine employee satisfaction and potential for improvement. We take the results very seriously, because we know that only motivated employees who identify with their compa- ny’s goals deliver the top performance that we need to stay successful. New technologies develop incredibly quickly in our industry, so quickly that we cannot develop them all ourselves. This is why we regularly acquire innovative companies in key future fields. Our Company changes with every acquisition. The challenge lies in integrating the individual teams with their history, know-how and products into Software AG and developing a powerful team. We place great value on welcoming these new colleagues openly, learning from one another, sharing best practices and working together to drive and actively shape the op- portunities that arise from the digital revolution. Heteroge- neous teams with different experiences increase the wealth of ideas and the innovative power of our Company. In order to secure long-term growth, companies need to take a profitable business and drive the change for the next business phase early on. This means always seeing change as an op- portunity and constantly reinventing ourselves as a Company. Because one thing is certain: Change will continue to be the only constant in the software industry. In 2013, Software AG was once again recognized as a “Top Employer” by international HR research institutes: Trendence and CRF as well as the Human Excellence Awards. Certified as Top Employer The challenge lies in integrating individual teams so as to seize the ­opportunities that arise from the digital revolution. Corporate Governance Report of the Supervisory Board Group Management Report Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Additional Information