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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Ethical principles and business success are often considered irreconcilable. Especially in a world that is increasingly shaped by rapid change and complex challenges, growing integration, digitization of business processes and global- ization lead to enormous progress in productivity with more efficient processes. The flip side of the coin: Uncertainty rises in a networked world, triggered by climate change, finan- cial crises and data theft. For companies, this means trans­ formation through continuous realignment with market changes. It is not only the responsibility of gov- ernments to face these challenges; businesses are obligated to do so as well. That is why sustainability and responsible action are guiding princi- ples for our Company. For the sake of future generations, it is important for us to handle resources responsibly to achieve sustainable economic, envi- ronmental and social progress. We are convinced that moral principles and financial gain not only go hand-in- hand, they actually belong together. Only companies that do business sus- tainably while conserving resources and taking guidance from values will be successful over the long term. One prerequisite for that is conscious respect. Values like trust, respect, open communication and tolerance shape our work and increasingly our global operations. The goal is to merge het- erogeneous employee cultures and keep motivation at a high level. This is especially important for integrating employees from acquired companies. For that reason, Soft- ware AG implemented guidelines in every area that ensure positive, responsible corporate governance. In addition to complying with the German Corporate Governance Codex, Software AG instituted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in 2011. This voluntary commitment defines the ethical and legal conditions for our business activities and the relation- ships of our employees, customers, business partners, share- holders and competitors. Corporate Social Responsibility About 60 running enthusiasts from Software AG took part in the Darmstadt half-marathon. Soccer practice with physically and developmentally disabled athletes “Under the Sign of the Lily.” 26 Software AG | Annual Report 2013 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareHighlights 2013 About Software AG