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African Bank The African Bank, a South African financial services provider, was facing the challenge of developing and implementing a new IT strategy. It needed to modernize its systems and processes to enable planned growth and transform the bank from a product-centered service provider to a customer-centric organi- zation. For this project, the bank selected Business Process Management (BPM) and a service-oriented architecture based on the webMethods BPMS product suite. Within nine months, Software AG’s solution helped the bank win 320,000 new customers and reactivate 133,000 inactive existing customers. The speed, comfort and user friendliness of its new “inseconds” online channel resulted in 2.4 million cus- tomer contacts through self-service. 40 percent of customers coming in through the online channel are new. Prior to that, business in the existing bank branches only brought in 20 to 30 percent of new customers per month. The next step will fully develop the mobile banking business using Software AG’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and big data products from Terracotta. Coca-Cola Refreshments Coca-Cola Refreshments, a subsidiary of the soft drink pro- ducer, owns and operates tens of thousands of refrigerated display cases in American and Canadian supermarkets. Main- taining an overview of the equipment’s life cycle and main- tenance history is a major challenge. In the past, the cases were manually recorded when they were received at the repair center—a time-consuming and error-prone process that could record data from 30 to 40 cases in an eight-hour period. Meanwhile the company has automated the process using webMethods Business Process Management Suite. The display cases are documented with a wireless scanner that can capture up to 60 units at one time, after which the data is processed electronically. This ensures transparency and provides data for further improvements. Customers The digitization of society is an irreversible trend. The speed at which it is happening is a major challenge for everyone. Companies, in particular, must continually adapt themselves and their processes accordingly. After all, nothing runs smoothly in the private or public sector without information technology. It serves an interdisciplinary purpose and has become deeply anchored and indispensable in nearly every industry. More than 40 years’ experience with customer-driven innovation. Minutes instead of hours “The uptake for inseconds has been fantastic—16 percent of 1.5 billion rand that we disperse monthly is generated by the leads coming through this channel.” Vishal Maharaj, Head of Digital Channels, African Bank 28 Software AG | Annual Report 2013 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareHighlights 2013 About Software AG