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Within nine months, the solution helped us win 320,000 new customers and reactivate 133,000 inactive existing customers. CosmosDirekt The CosmosDirekt Insurance Group is constantly optimizing its business processes to remain successful in cutthroat com- petition and maintain its market position. The company selected ARIS Process Performance Manager for this effort. With this product, they can derive relevant goals, recognize weak points in existing processes and visualize them for further analysis. The result: Processing times and error rates for insurance applications were significantly reduced. Pro- cess efficiency was demonstrably improved and process costs reduced by 20 percent. Shorter wait times and greater customer satisfaction enabled the company to conclude more new contracts. In addition, the number of contracts that were completed without requiring additional queries increased by 28 percent, while the complaint rate declined by 60 percent. “After we saw the cost savings potential in the first few projects using ARIS PPM, we also implemented the solution for monitoring and analyzing our core processes. We were able to successfully optimize processes from advisory ser- vices to quotes, applications, contracts and claims.” Jörg Junges, Process Optimization Specialist, CosmosDirekt DB Netz DB Netz AG is Europe’s largest operator of railway infrastruc- ture. Its customers include 390 railway transportation firms in Germany that expect innovative IT solutions to support daily business processes. To accelerate the pace of innova- tion, Software AG supported DB Netz AG in transforming its IT and business infrastructure: Departmental IT projects ­become company-wide business projects. Initially the com- pany’s business goals serve as a basis for modeling the necessary processes, which are then transferred to technical implementation. Using this approach, DB Netz ensures that the provided solutions meet the internal customers’ require- ments precisely. By sticking to the “develop once, deploy everywhere” method based on a modular principle and reusing IT services and components, the company can real- ize significant cost savings for development and mainte- nance while clearly shortening the duration of projects. “A business process-oriented approach for our IT develop- ment— that was the vital spark. We are transitioning our network to a digital infrastructure to be able to plan seam- less process solutions.” Holger Ewald, CIO, Deutsche Bahn Netz AG Process costs down 20% 29 Corporate Governance Report of the Supervisory Board Group Management Report Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Additional Information