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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Software AG is a leading global provider of process and integration software and guides its customers in their transformation to a Digital Enterprise. We help organizations design IT infrastructures that are so flexible that they can be adapted quickly and easily to ever changing business needs. This flexibility and agility are key for companies to be competitive. It is an ongoing necessity to adjust to IT’s short innovation cycles and the advancing digitization of our society. In doing this, organizations build on existing IT landscapes that have evolved gradually over time. At some point these complex IT landscapes can no longer keep up with state-of-the-art technology. They drive maintenance costs up and stop meeting their actual purpose—namely to provide efficient and automated support for business processes. So a transformation becomes unavoidable: IT systems must be harmonized and modernized. It usually isn’t just a matter of rebuilding the IT architecture, but rather an extensive overhaul of all processes in the organization. This creates a cycle. New technologies enable business processes to be designed differently and more efficiently. But by the same token, meeting new requirements associated with how business is done necessitates more modern IT systems. Thanks to its products and services, Software AG’s considers itself to be an engine of this transformation cycle—and therefore of the digitization of enterprises. We embrace the opportunities of the digital age with expertise and foresight. Transforming Excellence into Future 3