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Royal Dirkzwager Royal Dirkzwager is a Dutch maritime information provider. It supplies an ever growing amount of data on ships and their positions to its customers in virtually all segments of the maritime-logistics market. They depend on a con- stant flow of this information. Knowing exactly when a ship comes in optimizes their resource utilization and saves time and money. Royal Dirkzwager receives position data on more than 120,000 vessels per day every two seconds. It collects, interprets and validates this data for its customers. With the Apama platform, Royal Dirk­zwager employs a scalable solution which, after an implemen- tation time of just a few weeks, is already delivering impressive results. The company is now able to handle 1,500 messages per second in real time—a 300-percent increase. In addition, Royal Dirkzwager has discovered other ways to benefit from Apama such as developing and marketing new logistics services. “The ability to respond quickly to client requests and roll out completely new service offerings in two months gives us a huge strategic advantage.” Paul Wieland, CIO, Royal Dirkzwager Statoil Statoil, an oil and gas company headquartered in Norway, has a management system that ensures its business runs efficiently, securely and reliably, and that both internal and external obligations as well as regulatory requirements are met. All business processes in its plants and production lo- cations are modeled with ARIS software. In May 2012, the company merged documents and processes from three different programs. One year later in May 2013, more than 1,400 business processes and nearly 8,000 activities were More than 2.5 million individual users. A selection of Softare AG’s reference customers Customers in more than 70 countries, comprising more than 70 percent of the global top 1,000 companies. 30 Software AG | Annual Report 2013 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareHighlights 2013 About Software AG