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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

strategic focus, products and competitive environment in the future. Furthermore, to ensure better comparability with U.S. competitors, Software AG will embrace a suggestion to report EBIT adjusted for special effects, such as acquisitions, as of fiscal 2014. In the age of digitization and rapid dissemination of capital market information, Software AG has opted not to print its Annual Report for the past two years. Other companies have already followed in adopting this innovative step as well. Instead, the Company invested more time and money to expand its up-to-date online reporting offering (Refer to: Relations). This effort was recognized in the year under review. Netfed- eration awarded first place in the TecDAX to Software AG’s Internet presence. In addition, Software AG was the only TecDAX stock to place among the TOP 20 of Germany’s 100 largest publicly traded companies. Active investor relations work As part of Software AG’s ongoing communication with the capital market, we utiliize events such as analyst and inves- tor conferences and the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting as a means for personal exchange between the Company’s man- agement and capital market participants. Due to the global character of Software AG’s investor base, teleconferences are another important means of communication. In fiscal 2013, Software AG participated in 20 investor confer- ences in Germany, the U.K., France and the USA, some span- ning multiple days. Twenty-two road shows were held in European and North American financial hubs. Furthermore, Top 5 investors in % Software AG Foundation 28.99 Fidelity Manangement & Research 3.50 Templeton Investment Counsel LLC 3.00 Alken Asset Management LLP 2.96 Deka Investment GmbH 2.87 Source: ThomsonOne, January 2014. We value a quality relationship with investors and are continuously enhancing our IR activities. 37 Corporate Governance Report of the Supervisory Board Group Management Report Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Additional Information