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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Financial reporting standards and auditing The 2013 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting again appointed BDO Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Hamburg (hereinafter referred to as BDO), as Company auditor. BDO also advises the Company on individual tax matters in connection with tax returns and tax audits. No business, financial, personal or other relationships that could cast doubt on the independence of the audit firm have existed at any time between BDO, its corporate bodies, or audit managers and Software AG or the members of its corporate bodies. Pursuant to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting resolution, the Supervisory Board, represented by the Chairman of the Audit Committee, appointed the auditor and agreed on the fee. In connection with the awarding of the contract, the Chairman of the Audit Committee has also agreed with the auditor to comply with the reporting duties pursuant to the German Corporate Governance Code. BDO participates in meetings of the Supervisory Board’s Audit Committee con- cerning the financial statements and consolidated financial statements and reports on key audit findings. The Audit Committee had no doubt as to BDO’s independence before it commissioned the firm. Primary auditors’ fees and services Software AG’s general and administrative expenses include expenses for auditors’ fees paid to BDO AG, the Group auditor, totaling €921 thousand (2012: €822 thousand). Of this amount, €844 thousand (2012: €714 thousand) relates to the audit of the domestic entities’ and the Group’s finan- cial statements, €6 thousand (2012: €7 thousand) to tax advisory services, €71 thousand (2012: €76 thousand) to other testation services and €0 thousand (2012: €25 thou- sand) to other services. Open and transparent communication Software AG communicates openly, transparently, comprehen- sively and in a timely manner with all market participants. We participated in numerous investor conferences, road shows and other capital market events in fiscal year 2013. A globally consistent corporate message is required to earn the trust of investors, analysts and journalists. Regulatory bodies and the media review publications and press releases for consistency and to ensure that laws and regulations are upheld. Software AG’s communications guidelines define how we handle corporate communication. They are pub- lished on the Software AG Investor Relations website under Corporate Governance ( inv_rel/corpgovernance/declaration). Software AG provides information to investors, analysts and journalists in accor- dance with standard criteria. This information is transparent for all capital market participants. The Management Board immediately publishes insider in- formation that affects Software AG, unless, after having met waiver requirements in specific cases, it is exempt from the disclosure requirement. In accordance with legal stipulations, we maintain registries of persons with inside information who have been instructed to maintain confidentiality. We use a suitable service provider for publicizing mandatory disclosures throughout Europe. In addition, we publish all ad hoc releases in German and English. 43 Report of the Supervisory Board Group Management Report Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Additional Information Corporate Governance