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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

The following table shows meeting attendance of the members of the Commit- tee for Compensation and Succession Issues: The Audit Committee deals with issues related to monitoring the financial report- ing process, half-year and quarterly reports, financial statement audits—particu- larly the independence of the auditor as well as the efficacy of risk management. It has six members and is constituted based on parity. The Audit Committee was chaired by Willi Berchtold. The Audit Committee met twice in fiscal year 2013. In a meeting on March 18, 2013, and in the presence of auditors, it dealt with the annual financial statements and the management report, the consolidated financial statements and Group management report, the Management Board’s proposal on the appropriation of profits, the selection of the financial auditor for fiscal 2013 and the Supervisory Board’s respective resolution recommendation to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. On December 6, 2013 the Audit Committee examined the internal controlling and audit system of Software AG, the risk report, the results of the preliminary audit and the focal points of the final audit for 2013. Committee for Compensation and Succession Issues 2013 2/7 3/18 7/26 Bereczky x x x Neumann x x x Hartenstein x x x Wulf x x x Software AG | Annual Report 2013 56 Letter from the Management Board About Software AG Software AG ShareHighlights 2013