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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Since Software AG was started, the Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS) segment has offered database solutions for mainframes and the development and modernization of mainframe-based IT systems. With this segment we provide our customers long-term investment protection. Our high-per- formance Adabas database and the Adabas-Natural develop- ment environment have been playing an important role in the IT landscapes of large companies and government agen- cies for four decades. Our goal is to to open the traditional software applications, which form the technological backbone of their core processes, to new platforms and technologies such as the Internet and megatrends in IT. The Consulting segment was realigned in the year under review, and, since the beginning of 2013, has encompassed all consulting and services pertaining to the BPE, ETS and IDS Scheer Consulting (IDSC) business lines. The goal was to combine all consulting activities and achieve a better profit contribution. Furthermore, we decided to focus our SAP consulting activities on process consulting and on Ger- man-speaking countries. As part of this, Software AG sold its Canadian and U.S. SAP service operations in the first quarter of 2013, followed by those in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia in the third quarter. In addition, we withdrew from unprofitable markets. This segment includes not only SAP consulting, but services for our BPE and ETS products as well. Separating consulting services from the product business allows Software AG to position itself more strongly as product-independent, vendor-neutral consulting partner and provide comprehensive support to organizations in their transformation projects. The operational consolida- tion resulted in changes to the segmentation of our report- ing structure. Major locations Software AG serves customers in more than 70 locations worldwide. The Company’s corporate headquarters are lo- cated in Darmstadt (Germany). The largest office locations are in Darmstadt and Saarbrücken (Germany), Reston and the Silicon Valley (USA), Madrid (Spain), Or-Yehuda (Israel), Bracknell (U.K.), Sydney (Australia), Bangalore (India) and São Paulo (Brazil). Software AG has been working to strengthen its presence in the North American market since 2012. As the world’s largest IT market, it holds great potential and will become a major driver of our business over the next ten years. We therefore moved some strategic functions, such as M&A, to the Silicon Valley. The region south of San Francisco, the home of our Terracotta subsidiary, is a renown hub of inno- vative, forward-looking startups, which are worthwhile in- vestments. It is not only where technology trends are born, but by being there, we can identify marketing opportunities early and network closely with potential partners. We expanded our sales network in North America in order to boost our process and integration software business. For example, in February 2013, we established Software AG Government Solutions, a U.S. subsidiary in Reston, Virginia. This unit improves our chances as a non-American company when bidding on contracts from the U.S. government for winning large deals with new customers from the public sector. When it comes to major projects with the public sector, customers prefer that topics of national security stay within domestic borders. With this combination of measures we hope to assert our- selves more successfully against our major U.S. competitors in their home market. Our strategy produced a success al- ready in the third quarter when the new subsidiary signed our largest deal to date with a customer in the U.S. Management and control Software AG is managed by a Management Board con- sisting of three members, who are appointed, monitored and ­advised by the twelve members of the Supervisory Board. Moreover, the seven-member Group Executive Board ­manages the Company’s operational areas and geographic markets. For more detailed information on Software AG management, please refer to the Corporate Governance Report found in the Annual Report. Software AG | Annual Report 2013 64 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013