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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Intelligent business operations and big data • Apama is a flexible, high-performance platform for real-­ time development of event-driven applications. These include specific solutions for investment banks, funds and other institutional traders, for example, automated algo- rithm-based platforms for security and currency trading or market monitoring and surveillance applications. • Terracotta manages enormous amounts of data (big data) using in-memory technology to search it and re- trieve results in microseconds. This product family im- proves the performance and scalability of applications that work with large volumes of data. Software AG Live • Software AG Live is a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suite that enables organizations to meet their business needs more quickly. It facilitates collaboration in social networks and via mobile devices and can be integrated with existing systems in hybrid cloud environ- ments. Software AG Live consists of: • Process Live: A collaborative process optimization ap- plication that enables cross-department/location col- laboration for improving requirements management and business processes. • Portfolios Live: A cloud-based service for immediate, intuitive IT portfolio management. • AgileAppsLive: Allows non-IT business units to achieve process-driven, situation-specific visual modeling with- out the need for programmers. Collaborative process analysis • ARIS originally began as the first model to describe an enterprise information system 20 years ago. It has evolved into a technological platform for process excel- lence that enables companies to plan, visualize and eval- uate processes, applications, technologies, data and or- ganizational structures. It offers a central repository that ensures seamless integration of all information. It allows elements for planning, design and development solution scenarios to be reused across an organization. The plat- form provides all process stakeholders in an organization with target-specific information specifically relevant to their daily work. The new version of the platform was unveiled at the end of 2012 and for the first time incor- porates the four technology trends—big data, cloud, mobile and social. The goal is to improve processes faster by applying more know-how and expertise from inside an organization to the design and testing of processes. Portfolio management • alfabet features technology platforms for planning and optimizing IT infrastructures. With them, organizations have a complete summary of their current IT portfolio allowing them to manage it and design a new, future-ori- ented architecture. IT environments are mapped in detail displaying everything from requirements, applications and technologies to projects, finances and risks. Process automation and integration • webMethods bridges a service-oriented architecture (SOA) with process automation/optimization and ­real-time monitoring and control of applications. With the help of this platform, organizations can use data from their existing systems to develop and operate automat- ed, flexible and efficient business processes. This is achieved with Web-based programs, known as Web services, that form an independent integratiion layer over existing systems. Web services are unique because they can be reused in their entirety and partially to create new processes quickly. Software AG | Annual Report 2013 66 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013