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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

GroupManagementReport process life cycle. Supporting the value creation chain from end to end generates ongoing process innovations. Adaptable IT strategies for greater agility Today’s enterprises are confronted with a continuous stream of new competitors and market developments emerging from Internet-based business models and globalization trends. Due to the increasing complexity of companies’ pro- cesses and IT infrastructures as well as rapidly changing challenges of the global market, they have to react quickly and adapt their processes flexibly to these new require- ments. Not only product innovation, but ongoing process innovation as well, is needed to have the flexibility to react to dynamic markets accordingly. This is achieved only with a greater level of agility of IT systems, which enables orga- nizations to adapt their business models faster. Every orga- nization’s goal is ultimately sustainable, optimized processes or Business Process Excellence. Market survey recognition Numerous studies carried out by independent industry an- alysts confirm the strategy and quality of Software AG’s product and service offering. Relevant industry analysts have been acknowledging Software AG’s portfolio for years with top-ranked positions. Again in fiscal year 2013 numerous positive analyst ratings confirmed Software AG’s product strategy. We were positioned as a leader in 14 market sec- tors by Forrester and Gartner. Software AG received the following distinctions in 2013: Transactions • Adabas is the most comprehensive database management system in the world. Even ten decades after its first instal- lation, its performance is still superior: The system is able to process 320,000 calls or 80,000 transactions per second. Adabas is employed primarily on mainframes. • Natural is a development environment that allows users to create new programs and modify existing ones. It is the basis of hundreds of thousands of mainframe soft- ware applications that support the core processes of organizations across all industries. The ARIS, Alfabet, webMethods, Apama, Terracotta and Soft- ware AG Live product families belong to the BPE business line. Adabas and Natural form the product offering of the ETS business line. The sale of our software products generally results in sub- sequent consulting, maintenance and service business. After all, technologies have to be integrated with our customers’ specific IT environments and later expanded, modified and modernized. We have a global team to develop the main- tenance business across countries and business lines, which promotes customer focus and loyalty. We are certain that this will have a positive impact on long-term profitability. Key sales markets and competitive position Software AG established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of Business Process Excellence (BPE). The com- bination of our software and service portfolio for digitiza- tion, automation and integration of business processes is, according to numerous market studies, unique to the global market. It therefore gives us an excellent competitive po- sition in a software market marked by rapid consolidation. Software AG’s market reach improved considerably by achieving a critical mass, particularly in Europe’s core mar- kets. These unique selling points allow us to meet the growing needs of customers to improve their processes and to position ourselves in high-growth markets. Harmo- nization and integration of IT processes while becoming a Digital Enterprise is the key to long-term success for com- panies that compete globally. Here, our cross-industry port- folio delivers vendor-neutral solutions, covering the entire 67 Corporate Governance Report of the Supervisory Board Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Additional Information Group Management Report Business and General Conditions Economic Report Events after the Balance Sheet Date Risk and Opportunity Report Remuneration Report Forecast Takeover-Related Disclosures Statement on Corporate Governance