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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Outlook Software AG will contunue its R&D strategy of guiding com- panies through the transformation to becoming a Digital Enterprise with innovative software solutions and services. To this end we promote the innovative strength of our global team, most recently by stepping up management in the Silicon Valley in 2013. Key trends for the IT sector worldwide will continue to originate there. Because innovation cycles are getting ever shorter and new technologies are constant- ly emerging, we will continue making targeted acquisitions in order to build on our product suites. Cloud computing will be one of our focal points, and the foundation has been laid with the acquired LongJump platform. Software AG’s R&D road map considers the seamless integration of new prod- ucts into the existing portfolio to be an essential task. The theme of our CeBIT 2014 presence was “The Road to the Digital Enterprise.” Using four subject areas—Agility, Trans- formation, Alignment and Visibility—we illustrated how the goal of a Digital Enterprise can be achieved from any starting point. Events and networks Software AG presented its innovations at CeBIT 2013. One focus was the topic of Industrie 4.0, which, as a project endorsed by the German government, is currently receiving a great deal of attention in Germany. A model of an intel- ligent factory demonstrated how a manual production sta- tion could be transformed to a flexible software-driven work environment. The ARIS platform is employed to manage the individual stages of production and to visualize key indica- tors. Software AG participated in the Hannover Trade Fair with technology for Industrie 4.0. As part of the acatech Industrie 4.0 working group, Software AG co-authored im- plementation recommendations, which were presented to the German chancellor at the fair. In order to embrace new trends early, Software AG promotes close collaboration between departments and companies and engages in creative exchange with representatives of academia, research, standards committees, associations and partner networks. In this context, Software AG is an active member of several state-funded research projects in cooperation with partners from science and business. We continued our success of the past years with new research projects in 2013. Software AG and CASED (Center for Advanced Security Research Darm- stadt) are strategic partners in the field of IT security. Fur- thermore, to foster interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and to strengthen Germany as an IT hub, we are an active mem- ber of the software cluster (refer to Corporate Responsibil- ity) one of Europe’s most influential networks of companies and educational and research institutions in southwestern Germany. It has been described as “Europe’s Silicon Valley” by analysts. We continuously assess customer needs in order to ensure the marketability of our R&D activities. The com- bination of innovation and market-oriented thinking guar- antees the creation of cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of companies and users. Software AG | Annual Report 2013 72 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013