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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Key events affecting business performance With a total of five acquisitions, Software AG broadened the foundation of its growth strategy and enhanced its product portfolio with future-oriented technologies. The investments already began producing results in the year under review. Software AG reported strong growth in the BPE line and, to the disadvantage of competitors, gained market share in this future-oriented space. Investments in sales and mar- keting as well as R&D also had effects. License revenue in particular reached a record-breaking level in 2013. Share performance (Refer to Software AG Share) Management’s general statement on busi- ness performance From the point of view of the Management Board, Soft- ware AG’s business performance in the period under review was very positive. Our investment and growth strategy is taking effect: Double-digit growth rates in the important Busi- ness Process Excellence (BPE) line, expanded technology leadership, an initial indication of larger deal sizes and record Group license revenue. Fiscal 2013 confirmed Software AG’s direction (refer to the overall statement on financial position). Sector-specific conditions According to the U.S. market research firm, Gartner, growth in the IT market was predominantly flat in 2013. Gartner therefore lowered its projection for global IT spending growth in the year under review to a moderate 0.4 percent or a total of $3.7 trillion. The market segments in which Software AG operates did comparatively well: Spending for enterprise software was up 5.2 percent (2012: 4.3 percent) to $300 billion; the IT services market segment grew 1.8 percent (2012: 2.3 percent) to $922 billion. The European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) expects stronger growth rates, estimating worldwide sales in IT and telecommunications products and services to be €2.84 trillion in 2013, which is 3.8 percent above the pre- vious year. The software (+5.5 percent to €302 billion) and IT services (+3.4 percent to €510 billion) market segments had the highest growth. According to EITO, digitization is an important trigger of growth and employment, especially in emerging economies. According to the German Association of Information, Tele- communications and New Media (BITKOM), EITO expected stable growth at a record level in Germany. Sales in the ICT sector were stable in 2013 at €152 billion (+0.1 percent). Spending on software rose to €18.1 billion, or 4.9 percent year on year. IT services such as outsourcing and mainte- nance were up 2.4 percent to €35.7 billion. Worldwide IT spending forecast (in $ billions) 2013 Spending 2013 Growth in % 2014 Spending 2014 Growth in % Devices 669 -1.2 697 4.3 Data center systems 140 -0.3 143 2.6 Enterprise software 300 5.2 320 6.8 IT services 922 1.8 963 4.5 Telecom services 1,633 -0.5 1,653 1.2 Overall IT 3,663  0.4 3,777 3.1 Source: Gartner (Jan. 2014). Software AG | Annual Report 2013 74 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013