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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

Product revenue by industry Our products and services are relevant for companies and organizations in all industries. Our broad revenue distribution across different sectors is an essential element of our busi- ness model and our growth in that we are largely indepen- dent of economic fluctuations in any specific industry. The revenue share of individual sectors illustrates that Soft- ware AG is especially well established in the public and ­financial sectors. Together, they accounted for about 41 per- cent (2012: 40 percent) of revenue. We help public agencies, for example, to digitally map and accelerate their processes. In addition, some of our key customers are companies in the IT and services industries. Product revenue by industry in 2013 Manufactur- ing 6% Telcos & Media 4% Partners 9% Services 13% Energy 3% Retail 3% Transport & Logistics 4% Public Sector 22% Other 3% IT 14% Financial Sector 19% As a percentage of license revenue, the Americas and EMEA accounted for the largest shares with 49 percent and ap- proximately 29 percent respectively. Germany generated 12 percent and Asia Pacific 10 percent of Group license revenue. Maintenance revenue was similarly represented: Americas (47 percent), EMEA (31 percent), Germany (13 percent) and Asia Pacific (8 percent). The refocus of SAP consulting activities also had an effect on regional distribu- tion. Fifty-one percent of service revenue was generated in the EMEA region, followed by 29 percent in Germany. The Americas region accounted for about 13 percent and Asia Pacific for 6 percent. Product revenue by region in 2013 Germany 12% Asia Pacific 9% Americas 48% EMEA 31% Software AG | Annual Report 2013 78 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013