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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

GroupManagementReport The traditional database software market is shrinking due to its maturity and saturation. Given this overall trend, the decline in ETS was to be expected. Our strategy in the ETS business line is to maintain a stable customer base, to achieve a segment margin above 60 percent and to lever- age cross-selling potential with our BPE products. ETS re- mains an essential mainstay, delivering high profit margins for Software AG. Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS) As expected, the traditional ETS database business reported a decline in fiscal 2013 with total revenue at €274.5 million (2012: €310.5 million). This is a 12-percent decrease year on year (-7 percent at constant currency). Because the demand for capacity upgrades is in decline, ETS license revenue was down 11 percent at €107.4 million. Maintenance revenue was €166.4 million (2012: €188.3 mil- lion). In total ETS accounted for approximately 39 percent of Group product revenue in fiscal 2013. Segment earnings for this business line decreased year on year by 11 percent to total €184.7 million (2012: €207.1 million). The segment’s margin was, however, slightly improved. ETS again account- ed for the largest portion of Software AG’s total earnings with 70 percent. Segment report ETS 2013-2012 in € millions 2013 2012 Change in % Licenses 107.4 121.3 -11 Maintenance 166.4 188.3 -12 Product revenue 273.8 309.6 -12 Other 0.7 0.9 - Total revenue 274.5 310.5 -12 Cost of sales -14.1 -15.6 -10 Gross profit 260.4 294.9 -12 Sales & marketing -50.4 -61.7 -18 R&D -25.3 -26.1 -3 Segment earnings 184.7 207.1 -11 83 Corporate Governance Report of the Supervisory Board Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Additional Information Group Management Report Business and General Conditions Economic Report Events after the Balance Sheet Date Risk and Opportunity Report Remuneration Report Forecast Takeover-Related Disclosures Statement on Corporate Governance