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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

External product revenue (sales of third-party software products) also decreased to €9.1 million (2012: €17.9 mil- lion) as a result of the realignment. License revenue was €2.6 million (2012: €2.9 million) and maintenance revenue €6.5 million (2012: €15.0 million). The refocus of the busi- ness line and the resulting lower cost of sales (primarily personnel-related expenses) at €232.6 million (2012: €320.0 million) enabled Software AG to successfully execute an operational turnaround in Consulting. Gross profit climbed to €42.8 million (2012: €32.1 million), and the business line achieved a positive earnings contribution of €9.3 million (2012: €-1.7 million) in fiscal 2013. Consulting The Consulting business line was realigned in the year under review. Since the beginning of 2013 it has encompassed all consulting and services pertaining to the BPE, ETS and IDS Scheer Consulting (IDSC) business lines. Simultaneously, the strategic focus of the Company’s SAP-related activities was redefined to concentrate on process consulting in the Ger- man-speaking region, including Germany, Austria and Swit- zerland. As part of that, Software AG sold its SAP service operations in Canada and the USA in the first quarter of 2013. Disposals followed in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slo- vakia in the third quarter, while Software AG was withdraw- ing this business line from unprofitable markets. As a result, revenue from this new segment fell to €275.4 million (2012: €352.1 million). Segment report Consulting 2013-2012 in € millions 2013 2012 Change in % Licenses 2.6 2.9 -10 Maintenance 6.5 15.0 -57 Product revenue 9.1 17.9 -49 Services & other 266.3 334.2 -20 Total revenue 275.4 352.1 -22 Cost of sales -232.6 -320.0 -27 Gross profit 42.8 32.1 33 Sales & marketing -33.5 -33.8 -1 Segment earnings 9.3 -1.7 >100 Software AG | Annual Report 2013 84 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013