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Software AG GB 2013. englisch

June 2014. Non-current liabilities rose to €498.2 million (2012: €310.0 million). The increase resulted from the bal- ance of a new promissory note loan in the amount of €300.0 million, a loan from the European Investment Bank in the amount of €100.0 million and the reduction resulting from the reclassification of the promissory note loan of €200.0 million to current liabilities. Shareholders’ equity decreased to €965.6 million (2012: €1,060.1 million). This is a result of the following trans­ actions: The share buyback in the amount of €154.4 million, the dividend payout of €38.4 million and negative exchange rate fluctuations of €38.3 million. This was offset by the in- creased Group net income totaling €134.0 million. Off-balance sheet assets In addition to the assets reported in the consolidated balance sheet, Software AG has off-balance sheet assets. Off-balance sheet assets include the Software AG brand and internally developed software products, which are important intangi- ble assets. Employees and their extraordinary dedication are also critical to Software AG’s success. Additional off-balance sheet assets include office space, leased company cars and hardware. On the assets side, current assets increased to €769.5 million (2012: €675.8 million). Cash, cash equivalents and short-term securities were up at €190.9 million. The change ­resulted mainly from the balance of €171.8 million in positive operating cash flow, €300.0 million in proceeds from the issuance of a promissory note loan, €100.0 million from a new loan from the European Investment Bank, €154.4 million for the repur- chase of treasury shares, €113.2 million in net expenses for acquisitions, €48.9 million for the repayment of financial lia- bilities and paid dividends in the amount of €38.3 million. Current trade receivables decreased by €79.9 million year on year. Non-current assets rose to €1,227.3 million (2012: €1,096.0 million). One factor contributing to the change was the increase of €72.8 million in goodwill. €83.1 million in increases was attributable to acquisitions in 2013. This was offset by the decrease due to exchange rate fluctuations totaling €10.3 million. Non-current receivables were up by €61.7 million as a result of the conclusion of multiple long- term agreements with customers. On the liabilities side, current liabilities increased to €533.1 million (2012: €401.8 million). This increase was largely influenced by recognition of the promissory note loan—previously shown under non-current—in the amount of €200.0 million, which will be paid back on schedule in Software AG | Annual Report 2013 88 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013