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platform by Progress Software. CEP is a technology that enables organizations to conduct event-driven analysis of large data streams in real time and connect heterogeneous data sources with each other. This means companies can make immediate business decisions, for instance, to detect fraud or in stock trading. Apama supports Software AG’s big data strategy, which is based on the Terracotta in-memory platform. Software AG’s takeover of JackBe Corporation, a leading software provider for real-time visualization and data anal- ysis, was the fifth acquisition of 2013. Software AG acquired JackBe’s Maryland (USA) location, its R&D center in the Sil- icon Valley (California) and its Latin American headquarters in Mexico. The company was started in 2003. It has a large customer base in the public and finance sectors as well as in the manufacturing industry. It has 70 employees. Soft- ware AG is integrating the JackBe portfolio with its web- Methods Suite as part of the new Intelligent Business ­Operations (IBO) platform. IBO offers simple visualization options for data analysis and provides a real-time view of dynamic business processes. Employees Excellent employees and remarkable dedication are essen- tial to our success. Promoting employee dedication, leader- ship strength and expertise among an ever more diverse staff is therefore a high priority across the entire Software AG Group. The focal points of our HR activities were staff de- velopment, recruiting and talent management again in 2013. In this way, we can guide our customers along the road to the Digital Enterprise with expertise, ideas and collaboration. Workforce As of December 31, 2013, Software AG employed 5,238 (2012: 5,419) people worldwide (full-time equivalents). In line with our global business operations, our employees were working to serve customers at offices in 70 countries. In Germany, where corporate headquarters are situated, the number of employees was 1,711 (2012: 1,768). Our Statement on corporate acquisitions Software AG made five acquisitions for a total sum of €113.2 million in fiscal 2013. The Company’s goal was to enhance its product portfolio with additional innovative technologies and accelerate BPE growth. In the first quarter of the year Software AG invested in metaquark, a Berlin-based company specializing in mobile solutions. Mobile software, together with big data, cloud and social, is one of the four megatrends that plays a key role in Software AG’s strategy of transformation to the Digital Enterprise. This key technology allows companies to react to business information in real time regardless of time and place. Software AG has already integrated metaquark mobile technologies and will continue to develop the Software AG- webMethods Mobile Suite in collaboration with metaquark specialists. Software AG also acquired LongJump, a U.S. cloud platform provider, in fiscal 2013. This digital platform gives end users a flexible, independent way to create process-driven appli- cations that are geared toward specific business events without the assistance of an IT department. Thanks to LongJump’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) functionality, ap- plications can be employed in public or private clouds, on-premise and on any mobile device. LongJump technology is a major enhancement to Software AG’s process automa- tion and integration platform. Software AG’s acquisition of alfabet, the leading provider of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and IT portfolio management, was a further step in its growth strategy in the second quarter of 2013. With alfabet products companies can plan and manage IT landscapes and ensure that their heterogeneous and complex environments, that have evolved over time, are modernized professionally and eco- nomically. The company was founded in 1997 and employs a staff of about 90 in Berlin and at other locations in Cam- bridge, Massachusetts (USA) and Singapore. Its customer base includes 70 global companies such as Daimler, Volks­ wagen, BMW, Credit Suisse and UBS. Software AG’s fourth acquisition in the year under review was of Apama, the leading Complex-Event-Processing (CEP) Software AG | Annual Report 2013 92 Letter from the Management Board Software AG ShareAbout Software AG Highlights 2013