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SAG QB1 2013, englisch

15 05 Interim Management Report 16 interim Financial Statements 24 Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 36 Service 5 OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS There were no changes to the risk situation of the Soft- ware AG Group in the first quarter of 2013 as portrayed in the Risk Report of the 2012 Annual Report. Corresponding opportunities are described in the Outlook section of this report and the 2012 Annual Report. 6 EVENTS AFTER THE ­BALANCE SHEET DATE Software AG announced its acquisition of LongJump, a U.S.- based company, in conjunction with the release of its pre- liminary first-quarter results on April 25, 2013. LongJump was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California as well as a research & development center in Indore, India. It serves a customer base of more than 220 companies, offering them a digital platform that enables users to create cloud-based applications independently, easily,­quickly and without the need for help from the IT department. The demand for platforms such as this to effi- ciently develop applications internally is increasing steadily as enterprises become digital. Software AG is expanding its cloud expertise and extending its own cloud-ready product offering with the acquisition of LongJump. 7 OUTLOOK Fiscal 2013 Outlook Confirmed FY 2012 Outlook FY 2013 (as of Jan. 29, 2013) Product revenue BPE 384 € millions + 16 % to + 22 %* Product revenue ETS 310 € millions – 9 % to – 4 %* Earnings per share in €** 1.90 1.70 to 1.80 * At constant currency, delta ** Share buyback Software AG expects the positive results to continue and confirms the forecast which was released with the 2012 full-year results on January 29, 2013. Accordingly, the Com- pany expects an increase in BPE revenue between 16 and 22 percent (at constant currency) for fiscal year 2013. Reve­ nue for the traditional ETS database business is likely to shrink between 4 and 9 percent (at constant currency), which will be more than offset by the targeted BPE growth. Taking into account the additional investments for the expansion of sales and marketing, earnings per share should be between €1.70 and €1.80 in fiscal 2013. SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPoRTING PERIOD 05 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 08 FINANCIAL POSITION 13 EMPLOYEES 14 OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS 15 EVENTS AFTER THE ­BALANCE SHEET DATE 15 OUTLOOK 15