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SAG QB1 2013, englisch

25 05 Interim Management Report 16 interim Financial Statements 24 Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 36 Service General 24 NOTES TO THE CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET 26 OTHER DISCLOSURES 27 [4] Business combinations Software AG gained control of metaquark GmbH (Berlin/Germany) in the first quarter of 2013 by acquiring 16 percent of its shares and a put option on the remaining shares. Metaquark is a mobile solutions specialist. Mobile solutions in conjunction­ with big data, cloud and social collaboration play a key role in Software AG’s strategy around the Digital Enterprise. The company currently has four employees. The consideration due for this acquisition is anticipated to amount to approximately €4.9 million. The following table shows the allocation of the cost of the business combination to the net assets acquired: in € thousands Carrying amount prior to acquisition Remeasurement to fair value Opening balance Cash and cash equivalents 572 0 572 Intangible assets 15 2,600 2,615 Goodwill 0 2,534 2,534 Other assets 201 0 201 Total assets 788 5,134 5,922 Liabilities and provisions 221 0 221 Deferred tax liabilities 0 832 832 Total equity and liabilities 221 832 1,053 Acquired assets and assumed liabilities, net 567 4,302 4,869 Payments to shareholders 100 Payments to the company 500 Consideration not yet paid for put option 4,269 Acquisition cost, gross 4,869 Cash and cash equivalents acquired 572 Net cost of the business combination 4,297