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SAG QB1 2013, englisch

5 05 Interim Management Report 16 interim Financial Statements 24 Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 36 Service SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPoRTING PERIOD 05 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 08 FINANCIAL POSITION 13 EMPLOYEES 14 OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS 15 EVENTS AFTER THE ­BALANCE SHEET DATE 15 OUTLOOK 15 Consulting realigned The consulting units that were previously linked to the three segments BPE, ETS and IDSC were placed under uniform management in the current fiscal year. This operational con- solidation led to a new reporting structure and thus to a new segmentation. As indicated in the 2012 Annual Report, the consulting units pertaining to the previous business lines have been recognized for the first time in this quarterly report as a new segment referred to as Consulting. Separat- ing consulting services from the product business—which consists of license and maintenance revenue—will allow Software AG to position itself more strongly as product- independent, vendor-neutral consulting partner and provide comprehensive support to organizations in their transforma- tion projects. The strategic focus of the new SAP business line will be process consulting in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). For this reason, Software AG sold its SAP-related consulting activities in Canada and the USA to IT provider itelligence as of January 16, 2013. 1 SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DUR- ING THE REPoRTING PERIOD New growth strategy 2018 Software AG plans to achieve product revenue of 1 bil- lion euros in the BPE process and integration business line by the year 2018. This is the next milestone in its sustainable growth strategy, which the Company communicated at its financial press conference on January 29, 2013. In order to move toward that target, Software AG will leverage the opportunities that a Digital Enterprise offers customers through the interplay between the four megatrends: cloud, mobile, social collaboration and big data. These trends will be the critical engines of growth in the IT sector. Through targeted investments and divestitures, Software AG further intensified its focus on its core business in the first quarter of 2013. Moreover, Software AG reinforced its technology leader­ship in the past quarter by unveiling a number of produc­t innovations and earning top scores from mar- ket analysts.­ Interim Management Report