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Software AG interim report 2 2013

9 04 SOFTWARE AG’S SHARE 09 Interim Management Report 22 interim Financial Statements 30 Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 44 Service and holistically optimize the transformation of their business processes and the ensuing adaptation of their IT infrastruc- ture. alfabet was established in 1997 and now serves more than 70 well-known global companies. alfabet employs about 90 people at its headquarters in Berlin (Germany) and its other locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Singapore. Apama: Enhanced expertise in event-driven ­applications Software AG announced on June 13 that it had entered an agreement with Progress Software to buy Apama, a leading platform for event-driven applications and Complex Event Processing (CEP). With Apama, organizations can analyze massive amounts of data containing business activities across multiple data streams in real time to make immedi- ate business decisions. This is valuable in any business area where sub-second response times to events are critical, such as fraud detection, capital market trading or individual customer management. According to the Forrester market research company, Apama is the leading CEP technology used by ­capital market participants in trading, risk and com- pliance. In addition to the software platform, Software AG will take over the Apama technology teams based primar- ily in Cambridge (U.K.), Bedford (USA) and Hyderabad (India). Also included in the acquisition are the global Apama sales and technical support teams. 1 SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPoRTING PERIOD Technology Acquisitions LongJump: Cloud expertise expanded Software AG announced its acquisition of LongJump on April 25. This strategic step enables Software AG to expand its cloud expertise and product offering. The U.S. company offers customers a digital platform for the independent ­creation of cloud-based applications without the need for support from the IT department. It will allow Software AG to extend its offering to include IT projects for small and medium-sized companies as well as individual departments. LongJump was founded in 2003 and currently serves a cus- tomer base of more than 220 global companies. The com- pany’s headquarters are in Santa Clara, California with a research & development center located in Indore (India). alfabet: Comprehensive transformation of ­business processes and IT infrastructure Software AG acquired alfabet AG, a leading provider of Enterprise Architecture Management and IT portfolio ­management software, on June 24. This company special- izes in planning and optimizing IT landscapes. Both compa- nies’ customers will reap the benefits of integration with Software AG’s ARIS process software: They can now merge Interim Management Report SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPoRTING PERIOD 09 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 12 FINANCIAL POSITION 19 EMPLOYEES 20 OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS 20 EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE 21 OUTLOOK 21