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Software AG interim report 2 2013

10 Software AG | Interim Report 2/2013 Strategy and Technology ­Partnerships Strategic partnership with Bristlecone for process-oriented SAP solutions In early June Software AG entered into a comprehensive long-term partnership with Bristlecone. The collaboration is focused on delivering joint SAP solutions to customers in European companies. Customers will benefit from the com- bined expertise of the two partners: the process-oriented SAP management approach of Software AG’s consulting division, IDS Scheer Consulting, and Bristlecone’s extensive experience in supply chain management and SAP solutions. During the first phase of the partnership, Bristlecone will create an SAP consulting, application services, and develop­ ment competence center for Software AG’s services. There- after, the partnership will be gradually expanded to include the entire service portfolio of Software AG’s global consult- ing business. The two companies have collaborated success- fully in the past on joint SAP-based projects for supply chain optimization in Europe and the Middle East. Technology partnership with Confiance for cloud-based ARIS training Software AG and Confiance formed a technology partnership at the end of May. Its scope covers the planning, develop- ment and global sales of e-learning courses on ARIS process software by Confiance with incorporation of Software AG’s intellectual property. This represents the further expansion of Software AG’s training portfolio. In addition to individual on-site customer training, open classroom courses and certi­ fication, cloud-based e-learning services organized in cooper­ation with Confiance are now offered as part of ­Software AG’s portfolio. Product Innovations Software AG Live: The first cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suite Software AG launched the new Software AG Live product in mid-May extending its pioneer position in business pro- cesses and integration to the cloud segment as well. The first cloud-based PaaS suite unifies process design, agile application development and integration, while enabling customers to utilize hybrid cloud deployments to support their business needs. Terracotta In-Genius: A recipe for success for ­Industry 4.0 Software AG presented solutions based on the Terracotta In-Genius software platform to help organizations handle the fundamental change to Industry 4.0 in the manufactur- ing sector at the Hannover Messe tradeshow in April. The challenge posed by the fourth industrial revolution is how to intelligently cope with the massive amounts of data pro- duced by machine-to-machine communication and between machines and other end devices via Internet. Software AG’s data management platform enables real-time analysis of mass amounts of data and offers a flexible way to integrate cutting-edge types of masses of data, for instance informa- tion from sensor data streams.