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Software AG interim report 2 2013

5 04 SOFTWARE AG’S SHARE 09 Interim Management Report 22 interim Financial Statements 30 Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 44 Service Investor Relations 04 Share buyback concluded 05 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2013 06 Coverage remains high 06 Shareholder structure 06 Share Price Development 07 q 100 Nasdaq Tec Dax 3 0,4 0,5 Software AG’s intensified positioning in the big data market was apparent through a number of conferences held on the subject, particularly in the USA. They resonated very well with the investor community. Software AG presented its current strategy for delivering solutions for real-time infor- mation and complex event processing at nearly 40 meetings. Share buyback concluded Through Software AG’s share buyback program, approxi- mately 3.9 million treasury shares were bought at an aver- age price of €29.27 per share for a total price of more than €114.8 million from February through April. As of April 29, 2013, Software AG held a balance of treasury shares representing 4.56 percent of Software AG’s share capital. The share buyback program was ended in account of Software AG’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting: Firstly, to ensure that the decision on the appropriation of profits could be made on explicit terms with regard to the number of shares emitted to dividends. And, secondly, a vote was held at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on new authorizations for purchasing treasury shares and the use of derivatives for acquiring treasury shares. Software AG’s Investor Relations team conducted numerous meetings with investors and analysts during the first half of 2013. Software AG participated in a total of 12 capital market conferences in Germany and abroad during this period of time. In addition, nine roadshows as well as ­analyst visits in Germany, the U.K., France and the U.S. were also an import- ant medium for interacting with the investor community. This year’s Capital Market Day was held on February 26 in Darmstadt, Germany. More than 40 investors and analysts from Germany, the U.K., France and Switzerland learned about trends in enterprise digitization, Software AG’s strat- egy, big data offerings, marketing activities and status of winning additional market share. The CeBIT IT fair took place in early March under the theme “Shareconomy.” Investor Relations coordinated tours of Soft- ware AG’s stand and meetings with members of manage- ment. On more than ten different occasions discussions were held on current technology trends and Software AG’s strategic positioning.