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SAG QB3 2013, englisch

10 SOFTWARE AG | INTERIM REPORT 3/2013 been in development based on this technology since the acquisition of Terracotta in 2011. Revenue from big data business more than doubled since the same quarter of last year, contributing €11 million to BPE revenue in the quarter under review. The cost of sales in the BPE business line rose to €5.5 million (2012: €4.6 million). Because of the strategic decision to intensify marketing in rapidly growing regions and prod­ uct segments, sales and marketing costs were raised to €50.4 million (2012: €33.1 million). The cost of research and development (R & D) in the same period increased to €20.1  million (2012: €18.9  million) due to technology ­acquisitions. Because of associated expenses, the BPE ­segment contribution went down to €38.2 million (2012: €40.1 million). The goal of expanding sales, marketing and development activities is to accelerate growth and attain global technology leadership for the BP­E portfolio. This strategy has laid the foundation for Software AG’s long- term growth. The widespread positive feedback from the international customer event, Innovation World 2013, in the U.S. along with the large new BPE orders in the third quar- ter reflect the enormous marketing potential of the products for realizing the four IT megatrends, mobile, cloud, social collaboration and big data management. the USA. In Europe, Software AG won another major order worth a total volume of more than €10 million. The EMEA region posted the highest growth in BPE license revenue at 69 percent; the German-speaking region (DACH) was up 34 percent. Maintenance revenue performed with double-digit growth in all regions: starting at 12 percent for DACH up to 25 per- cent for APJ (Asia-Pacific & Japan). Software AG expanded its customer base and increased its average order volume in the third quarter of 2013, which, fueled by the large new orders, rose to more than €700,000. Software AG has made five technology acquisitions in the current fiscal year alone. The aim is to lay the foundation for future BPE growth and further expand its technology leadership in this high-growth market. The Company is ­currently positioned by market analyst firms Gartner and Forrester in the “leader” quadrant in 15 categories. The core of the Company’s innovations is the development of a dig- ital agility layer that gives customers greater flexibility and efficient use of cloud technologies, mobile applications, collaboration platforms as well as big data analytics systems. The portfolio’s strongest growth rates were generated by big data technology. An innovative solutions offering has