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SAG QB3 2013, englisch

19 05 INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT 20 INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 28 NOTES TO THE INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 44 SERVICE SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPORTING PERIOD 05 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 07 FINANCIAL POSITION 16 EMPLOYEES 18 OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS 18 EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE 18 OUTLOOK 19 7 OUTLOOK 7.1 OUTLOOK FY 2013 FY 2012 Outlook FY 2013 (as of Jan. 29, 2013) 9m 2013 Product Revenue BPE €384 million +16 % to + 22 %* +13 %* Product Revenue ETS €310 million − 9 % to − 4 %* − 10 %* Earnings per share in € 1.90 1.70 to 1.80** 1.12** Confirming the update given with Q2 results on July 27, 2013: Based on year-to-date business development, the target ranges for product revenue and EPS are expected to be reached, but more likely at the low end. * Revenue growth or decline at constant currency (currency impact on ­reported 9m 2013 results: − 4 percentage points) ** Reported EPS before effects from share buyback, restructuring and ­acquisition related charges 2013. Software AG confirms its outlook for the full fiscal year, which was released at the beginning of 2013 with the an- nual results for 2012. Following the end of the third quarter, the Company further specifies its forecast as follows: The Management Board continues to expect an increase in BPE revenue between 16 and 22 percent (at constant cur- rency) for fiscal year 2013. Revenue in the traditional ETS database business is anticipated to fall by 4 to 9 percent (at constant currency). The forecast for earnings per share was set between €1.70 and €1.80 in January 2013—without taking into account any special effects arising during the year (e.g. share buyback program, restructuring costs, ac- quisitions and associated costs). Adjusted for these effects, earnings per share should be within the indicated range. Given the increasingly difficult overall market climate and as communicated with the half-year results, Software AG points out that operating earnings could be toward the low end of the projected ranges despite the typically strong fourth quarter.