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SAG QB3 2013, englisch

5 05 INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT 20 INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 28 NOTES TO THE INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 44 SERVICE SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPORTING PERIOD 05 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 07 FINANCIAL POSITION 16 EMPLOYEES 18 OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS 18 EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE 18 OUTLOOK 19 totaling the equivalent of €150 million was doubled to €300 million. Various terms of two, three and four years were offered at fixed or variable interest rates. The average interest rate on the fixed interest portion was 1.8 percent. 1.3 TECHNOLOGY ACQUISITION JackBe: Strengthened expertise in visualization and analytics Software AG announced on August 21, 2013 its takeover of a further smaller highly specialized technology company. This was the fifth this year. JackBe offers software for ­real-time data visualization and analysis. The publicly listed company is based in Chevy Chase, Maryland (USA) with R & D facilities in the Silicon Valley and a Latin American subsidiary in Mexico. JackBe was started in 2003. It current- ly employs 70 people and serves a customer base in the public, finance and manufacturing sectors. 1.1 MANAGEMENT BOARD ­APPOINTMENT CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich’s contract ­renewed until 2018 Software AG’s Supervisory Board approved the renewal of Karl-Heinz Streibich’s position as CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Software AG for five more years. The 60-year old will lead Germany’s second-largest IT company until July 31, 2018. The Company is relying on continuity with its current growth path and ­corporate focus. 1.2 PROMISSORY NOTE Promissory note four times ­oversubscribed Software AG began offering promissory notes at the end of June. Early in the third quarter the placement was already able to be concluded successfully. The more than 100 inves- tors consisted of private, state, cooperative and savings banks as well as other investors from German-speaking countries and—for the first time—other regions, who bought tranches in U.S. dollars. Due to such high demand, the trans- action was four times oversubscribed and the original volume 1 SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPORTING PERIOD INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT