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SAW QB1 2014, englisch

InterimFinancialStatements in € thousands Q1 2014 Q1 2013 Net income 18,567 27,213 Currency translation differences 2,506 20,424 Net gain/loss on remeasuring financial assets 134 1,536 Net loss/gain arising from translating net investments in foreign operations 8 1,029 Items to be reclassified to the income statement if certain conditions are met 2,648 22,989 Net actuarial gain/loss and asset caps on defined benefit plans 0 15 Items not to be reclassified to the income statement 0 15 Other comprehensive income 2,648 23,004 Total comprehensive income 21,215 50,217 Thereof attributable to shareholders of Software AG 21,206 50,202 Thereof attributable to non-controlling interests 9 15 Statement of Comprehensive Income for the three months ended March 31, 2014, IFRS, unaudited 13 Consolidated Income Statement Statement of Comprehensive Income Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity Interim Management Report Interim Financial Statements Notes to the Interim Financial Statements Additional Information