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SAW QB1 2014, englisch

violation of two of its software patents in January 2013. The proceedings are in a very early stage. Hearings are not sched- uled to take place until mid-2015. A number of legal actions have been filed with the Regional Court of Saarbrücken in connection with the control and profit transfer agreement with IDS Scheer AG. In these pro- ceedings, the petitioners are seeking an increase in their cash settlements and annual compensatory payments. ­Software AG considers the objections as to valuation to be groundless. In September 2013 the court issued an order to hear evidence and requested that Warth & Klein GmbH Wirtschafsprüfungsgesellschaft provide an opinion on ques- tions concerning valuation in the capacity of expert auditor. Warth & Klein’s expert opinion is still pending. In connection with the merger of IDS Scheer AG and ­Software AG, a large number of legal challenges were filed with Regional Court of Saarbrücken, in which the plaintiffs seek a legal review of the set exchange ratio and cash compensation. Software AG considers the objections as to valuation to be groundless. In its decision of March 15, 2013, the Regional Court of Saarbrücken determined that the mar- ket value ratio method be employed for valuation and that cash compensation in the amount of €7.22 for every share held by outside shareholders be paid. This could result in a maximum risk of approximately €7.6 million. Software AG appealed the decision and is currently waiting for the case to proceed. Provisions are set up based on the estimated probable actual resource outflow. There were no other changes with respect to the legal dis- putes reported as of December 31, 2013, nor were there any new legal disputes that could potentially have a signif- icant effect on the company’s financial position, financial performance or cash flows. [12] Stock Option Plans and Stock Appreciation Rights Program Software AG has various stock option plans for members of the Management Board, managers and other Group em- ployees. Our stock price-based remuneration plans as of March 31, 2014 are described in detail on pages 194–198 of our 2013 Annual Report. Management Incentive Plan 2011 (MIP IV) (2011– 2016) The rights granted under Management Incentive Plan 2011 (MIP IV) changed as follows in the first three months of the fiscal year: Number of rights Exercise price per right (in €) Remaining term (in years) Aggregated intrinsic value (in € thousand) Balance as of Dec. 31, 2013 4,808,668 41.34 7.5 0 Granted 15,000 41.34 Forfeited − 92,500 41.34 Balance as of March 31, 2014 4,731,168 41.34 7.25 Thereof exercisable as of March 31, 2014 0 Software AG | Interim Report 1 | 2014 26