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SAW QB2 2014, englisch - Contents

Share 05 _ Markets 05 _ Software AG Share 06 _ Investor Relations 07 _ Share Buyback 07 _ 2014 Annual Share­holders' Meeting 08 _ Shareholder Structure Interim Management Report 09 _ Significant Events During the Reporting Period 10 _ Financial Performance 13 _ Financial Position 14 _ Assets 15 _ Events After the Balance Sheet Date 15 _ Risks and Opportunities 15 _ Outlook Interim Financial Statements 16 _ Consolidated Income Statement 17 _ Statement of Comprehensive Income 18 _ Consolidated Balance Sheet 20 _ Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 22 _ Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 24 _ General 25 _ Notes to the Consolidated Balance Sheet 27 _ Other Disclosures Additional Information 37 _ Financial Calendar, Publication Credits Contents Preliminary Remarks This quarterly report contains forward-looking statements. They are based on plans, estimates and projections that are currently available to ­Software AG’s Management Board. Forward-looking statements therefore apply only to the date on which they were made. ­Software AG accepts no obligation to develop forward-looking statements based on new information or future events. For- ward-looking statements by nature contain factors of risk and uncertainty. A number of important factors can contribute to actual results deviating consi- derably from forward-looking statements. All of the information in this report that does not represent forward-looking statements relates to the situation on June 30, 2014, or the second quarter of the current fiscal year ended on that date, unless otherwise stated. ­Software AG’s segment reporting is pre- pared in accordance with IFRS 8 (Segment Reporting). Segmentation is by business line and corresponds to the Group’s internal controlling and reporting lines. Accordingly, ­Software AG reports on the following business lines: Busi- ness Process Excellence (BPE—with the webMethods, ARIS, alfabet, Apama and Terracotta product families), Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS—with the Adabas and Natural product families) and Consulting (all consulting ser- vices associated with ­Software AG products as of the sale of IDS Scheer GmbH). 4 Software AG | Interim Report 2 | 2014