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SAW QB2 2014, englisch - Interim Management Report

InterimManagementReport Interim Management Report Sale of the SAP consulting business concluded The sale of ­Software AG's SAP consulting operations to Scheer Group GmbH closed on May 31, 2014. An agreement on the transaction had been signed by both parties in the first quarter of the year. As part of its increased focus on the high-margin product business, ­Software AG's SAP consulting division was com- pletely divested. ­Software AG sold its SAP operations in Canada and the USA in January 2013 and in Eastern Europe a few months later. As a provider of software products, ­Software AG will focus on the development, sales and ­service of its own products. ­Software AG and IDS Scheer Consulting, a subsidiary of the Scheer Group, formed a strategic partnership in the course of the transaction. Accordingly, the two companies will ex- pand their consulting and sales activities for the ARIS process optimization solution. IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH will be a new Software AG distribution partner for ARIS license sales with small and medium-sized enterprises focusing on the German, Austrian, Swiss and neighboring markets. External honor In April, the American Association for Corporate Growth rec­ ognized ­Software AG's acquisition of JackBe Corp. as the Strategic M&A deal of the Year within the $100 million cat­ egory. ACG National Capital is a network of business profes- sionals involved in corporate growth, corporate development and M&A. ­Software AG acquired JackBe in August 2013 and incorporated the technology into its new webMethods In- telligent Business Operations (IBO) platform. This tech­nology provides visualization and analytics for real-time data for all types of devices including mobile. Particularly in the USA, the JackBe acquisition was considered one the big data mar- ket’s key deals of 2013. For the second time running ­Software AG's Apama solution was honored for its contribution to sustainable financial mar- ket stability in April 2014. The widely respected Waters Technology magazine recognized Apama as the industry- lead­ing, ultra-high performance complex event processing technology. ­Software AG turns 45 Late in May ­Software AG celebrated an anniversary that is not common in the IT sector. With 45 years under its belt, ­Software AG is Europe's longest standing global software company. In the year 1969, six young employees from the Institute of Applied Information Processing at the Technical University of Darmstadt started ­Software AG with 6,000 German marks in start-up capital. Since then the company has continued growing, quickly adapting its business focus to the dynamically changing IT market. Having consistently geared its strategic focus to changing market requirements, ­Software AG is now Germany's second-largest software company and the technology leader in the high-growth markets of integration software, business process manage- ment and big data. Significant Events During the Reporting Period 9 Significant Events During the Reporting Period Financial Performance Financial Position Assets Events After the Balance Sheet Date Risks and Opportunities Outlook Interim Management Report Interim Financial Statements Notes to the Interim Financial Statements Additional InformationShare