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Differentiate your business and improve how you engage with customers, partners and employees by using a solution from Software AG.

Solutions for Business Lines

Business Need Software AG Solution
Intelligent GRC Manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) responsibilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With our solution, you can leverage GRC as a value-driver instead of a burden and move from looking back to real-time and forward-looking GRC monitoring.

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IT Operations Make your data centers operation more productive with an IT operations solution from Software AG. You can control data center IT resources, automate batch job processing, and optimize output management and print organization. Use the solution to centralize and streamline output and print processing. This, in turn, increases flexibility, reduces costs and enables a higher level of auditable transparency.

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Mobile Enablement Mobile technologies are critical to reaching your stakeholders, wherever they may be. Maximize mobile across your business with Software AG. We’ll help you make mobile an integrated and sustainable part of your success as a Digital Enterprise. Our expert consultants offer services that span the full mobile life cycle: from vision and design to development, deployment and production.

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Supply Chain Visibility Visibility into your business processes can help you optimize your supply chain like never before. Gain the integration, visibility, control and agility you need to run a superlative supply chain with Software AG. Using our solution, you can automatically connect critical upstream and downstream processes, seamlessly pulling data from disparate silos and showing how each distinct part affects your overall business.

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Towards Continuous Assurance Informed people who make informed decisions based on real-time insights. That’s what you can achieve with this solution from partner PwC and Software AG. Monitor business activity continuously and assure stakeholders of compliance at any moment through oversight and integrated reporting.

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