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  Events subsequent to the balance-sheet date  

Restructuring for international growth
August 2004: Software AG streamlined its international structure as part of a drive to encourage growth across both new and established markets. The Company’s activities will now be organized into three regions, previously four, represented on the Executive Board by a Regional Manager.

  • North America/Northern Europe includes the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This region is led by Mark Edwards, and also covers activities in Scandinavia and South Africa.

  • The South region spans southern Europe, south and central America, and is the responsibility of Christian Barrios Marchant.

  • Central/Asia is managed by Andreas Zeitler, and incorporates the German-speaking countries, Eastern Europe, the Mid-east, Asia, and Australia. This will enable the company to service high growth markets more efficiently.

This strategic reorganization will enhance integration across the Software AG Group by mirroring the cultural and language links between countries in the company’s regional structure. This will allow us to better exploit traditional economic ties, leverage resources and skills, improve cooperation, and form valuable new partnerships.

New R&D structure
July 2004: Software AG reorganized its research and development activities. The Research and Development integration team has joined the XML Business Integration business line, and the Enterprise Transaction Systems development team is now part of the Enterprise Transaction Systems business line. This means that, as with product management and marketing, all R&D activities now take place within the framework of the two strategic business lines. This move is intended to ensure all Software AG development work is focused on market requirements, taking account of the specific characteristics of the Enterprise Transaction Systems and XML Business Integration segments. In this way, we can rapidly recognize and respond to changing needs, establishing the basis for practical innovation. This will strengthen skills and flexibility at both business lines. It also reinforces Software AG’s place as a first mover in the fast-paced XML market.

Changes to Software AG management
The managers of the two new R&D areas report directly to the CEO. Chief Technology Officer Dr. Peter Mossack has left the Company. Gary Voight, Executive Board member responsible for the Americas region, has also departed to join a US software house as CEO. The Software AG Executive Board now has five members. Haskell Mayo, previously Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, in the USA, has been appointed President, North American Operations.

  Interim Report Q2/04 (PDF)
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