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Important new releases will continue to help strengthen our product range in 2005. Our Adabas 2006 and ApplinX tools enable customers to build on their existing systems in an easy and costeffective manner. In the XML Business Integration portfolio, we are working on the launch of the Enterprise Information Integration package. Designed for the integration of the most divergent IT systems, it expands the options of Software AG in the area of service-oriented architecture.

Our marketing and sales programs will be further enhanced during the course of the year. One key area is the “Executive Customer Visit” program initiated in 2004 that will be repeated this year. Customer visits at the top level improve the quality of customer relations and ensure access to decision makers. To strengthen sales, we have developed a worldwide training concept that is currently being implemented. Finally, we will also bolster the positioning of the recently acquired ApplinX technology.

  Interim Report Q1/05 (PDF)
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