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Solid financials promote growth strategy
Solid financials and further improvement of margins enable us to invest in the expansion of business. This financial performance lays the basis for success in the long-term and broadens Software AG’s strategic options

In order to broaden our basis for growth, in the first quarter of 2005 we

introduced new products;
penetrated additional geographic markets; and
strengthened our technology portfolio through acquisitions and partnerships.

ApplinX successfully integrated
At the beginning of February, we concluded the acquisition of Sabratec Ltd., a company based in Israel specializing in integration software for host systems. The integration of the company is proceeding as planned. In the meantime, Sabratec’s ApplinXin technology has been included in our portfolio, expanding our solution portfolio for the modernization of classic IT systems.

Worldwide partnership with Fujitsu
As part of the strategic expansion of our partner network, we have entered an alliance with Fujitsu. The central focus of the project is on the development and marketing of a joint solution for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Expected to be launched in the summer of 2005, this solution will improve the adaptation of IT systems and applications to business processes. The project serves to answer the interest of customers who seek efficient solutions to increase their productivity and optimize their business processes.

Certification expands partnership with Novell
The partnership with Novell was expanded at the beginning of the year with the YES certification of Software AG’s globally leading XML server, Tamino. The certificate confirms the compatibility of Tamino with open source products from Novell, underscoring our adherence to the highest standards. At the same time, the certification serves to strengthen the position of Software AG among users of open standard technologies.

  Interim Report Q1/05 (PDF)
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