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1st Quarterly Report 2005

Solid foundations
Product innovation, process innovation, innovative teamwork – the ability to change gives the ability to compete. The developments at Software AG prove that our strategy is paying off.
Read more about it in the Foreword from the Executive Board

Above-average stock market performance
In the first quarter of 2005 our stock again outperformed both the TecDAX und Nasdaq 100 benchmark indices. By the end of March, our share price had risen by more than 6% to EUR 25.26.
Read about the evolution of the stock price in the share performance section

A successful start to the new year

The positive trend in Software AG’s business performance continues. The higher sales and earnings figures achieved in the first quarter indicate that we are well on the way to reaching our annual targets for 2005.

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  Interim Report Q1/05 (PDF)
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