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Operating cash flow significantly higher
The Group’s operating cash flow increased to €26.1 million (previous year: €21.8 million). Compared to a year earlier, this represents a 19.7 percent growth rate. Free cash flow increased to €24.2 million, representing 21.3 percent of sales generated, or €0.86 per share. However, it should be noted that due to the high maintenance payments received in the first quarter, cash flow in the subsequent quarters regularly remains below the level of the first quarter.

Equity accounts for almost two-thirds of total assets
On March 31, 2006, the cash and cash equivalents of Software AG came to €183.2 million (previous year: €134.7 million). Shareholders’ equity amounted to €404.8 million, an increase of €67.9 million or 20.2 percent from a year earlier. In line with the increase in total assets to €622.5 million, the equity-to-assets ratio rose once again to 65 percent (previous year: 62 percent).

  Interim Report Q1/06 (PDF)
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