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Additional potential from portfolio expansion
Our goal is to grow in both business lines: Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS) and crossvision. We regard the crossvision product portfolio as a particular growth driver. In the related business areas of integration and legacy modernization (linkage of mainframes to IT infrastructures), we are striving to have a significant position in the global market. With this intention, we worked toward expanding, supplementing and rounding out our product portfolio. We furthermore expanded the global network of strategic partners and strengthened our position in the market for service-oriented architectures.

crossvision addresses SOA
Integration solutions are a core competence and a particular strength of Software AG. We use this to expand our market position in the SOA environment. SOA makes it possible to have flexible IT landscapes that adapt quickly to changes and thus support agile business processes. Analysts expect the market to show sustained high demand and increasing growth rates. To be better able to take advantage of this potential, we have placed the entire integration expertise of the Company in the crossvision business line.

The modular suite includes new components but also updated versions of the proven integration products of Software AG. It supports companies and organizations in all phases, from planning through implementation and to the management of the SOA architectures. The focus of the six current crossvision components is CentraSite, technically the leading SOA repository on the market, jointly developed with Fujitsu.

Complete package for all phases
The unique advantage of the crossvision suite is that it integrates products from business process management (BPM) and legacy modernization. This process-oriented approach also makes it possible to integrate the SOA theme considerably more effectively in corporate contexts. Both of these capabilities fulfill important customer demands and assure that the suite will have high market attractiveness.

A new flexible licensing model facilitates migration to the crossvision suite. The model operates on a modular system, the customer choosing specific components when needed and will therefore substantially increase the average size of our business transactions. The newly initiated SOA Competence Center of Software AG supports our customers in making the transition from IT infrastructures to a service-oriented architecture. The focus is on consultation on organizational and technical prerequisites for successful SOA projects.

Strategic alliance for SOA solutions
To expand our network of international cooperation, we agreed on a strategic alliance with ILOG, an internationally leading producer of business rule management systems (BRMS). Software AG is including ILOG’s “JRules” product in its range of products for BPM and SOA solutions. In addition, both partners cooperate in marketing.

New generation of Adabas and Natural
In addition to the expansion of the crossvision suite, the well-known core products of Adabas and Natural are significant highlights of our portfolio. This year will bring numerous innovations to the market for both products.

As a management system for high-performance databases, Adabas 2006 is able to process any data type and volume in any order of magnitude. For closer networking of the mainframe and SOA worlds, we introduced in the first quarter the SOA Gateway for Adabas 2006. This integrates business-critical systems into SOA architectures rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Natural 2006, a development platform, was also more strongly aligned with SOA. Natural Business Services, which was launched at the beginning of the year, allows service-oriented applications that use the proven strengths of the mainframe. It is the sole environment on the market that operates on several legacy platforms as well as facilitating the interaction of mainframe and service-specialized developers.

  Interim Report Q1/06 (PDF)
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